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Summary of “Psychobiological Roots of Early Attachment” Roll No: Teacher: 4th November 210 Summary of “Psychobiological Roots of Early Attachment”
The author, Myron Hofer (2006) in his article, “Psychobiological Roots of Early Attachment” informs about attachment theory and its growing importance with the passage of time. According to the author, previously attachment was not given much significance as mother and infant’s relationship was considered in a more general sense but after World War II, the attachment between mother and infant as a relationship came to the forefront. For psychobiologists, attachment was a term that was employed very rarely but in late nineties, the term started being used for social relationships in terms of physiological and behavioral processes.
According to Hofer (2006), newborn babies whether they are of human beings or any other creature, form a close association with his mother on the basis of prenatal experience of a specific odor or smell that is linked to their mother. Hofer (2006) presents research findings of researchers, which inform that an early learning process takes place when a child is born in terms of hormonal and brain maturity due to which, an attachment is created between mother and infant. The separation of the infant from the mother is stressful because warmth and nourishment are provided by the mother. The newly born baby’s heartbeat and temperature get affected because of separation. Touch, warmth and smell, all are crucial in creating interaction between mother and child due to which, at separation, stress is caused because of bond breakage.
According to Hofer (2006), the relationship between mother and infant form the psychological and biological basis of their responses to the environment around them and the adulthood of children is also affected because of this mother infant relationship at birth. Attachment works in relation to biological processes and is very crucial in terms of mother child relationship.
Hofer, Myron A. (2006). Psychobiological Roots of Early Attachment. Association for Psychological Science, 15(2), 84-88.