Summary – Essay Example

I. Salient Ideas In today’s world, the essence of every endeavor is lost due to the love for speed (Honore, 2004). It seems that time is of theessence always. Individuals choose to act with speed allegedly to save time without considering the very purpose of their action.
2. To move and act with speed is not always good (Honore, 2004). Although more output can be made at a given time, the desired result may not be achieved. There are matters which are ought to be done slowly but surely like the process of decision-making.
3. To go slow means making use of one’s time well (Rechtschaffen, 1997). This is associated with the concept on time management. Nevertheless, going slow is not just about setting up one’s schedule but having the period to meditate and do things orderly and properly.
4. Meeting one’s economic needs causes people to be at a fast pace (Walljasper, 1997). The people of today believe that the more output they can produce, the more money they can earn.
II. Interesting Passage
The most appealing statement is found in the article written by Jay Walljasper entitled The Speed Trap. It says: “In a fast-paced world, we put more energy into arrivals and departures than the experience itself” (Walljasper, 1997). This passage encapsulates the essence of the three readings. It is telling the readers that the present generation is mainly concerned on the end result rather than the process itself which becomes part of an experience.
III. Reflection
The choice to go slow or fast actually depends upon the circumstances surrounding a particular situation. Nonetheless, going slow and achieving the desired result is preferable than going fast and incurring substantial loss. Human beings should be mindful of the fact that what makes life worth living is the experience itself. It is not money that makes the world go round.
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