Summary – Essay Example

Summary Brief summary of ideas from reading 1. The importance of disabled people and their need to still be recognized as human beings despite their disadvantages. For example, the first international disability conference was a big deal to the protagonist because it would provide her with the chance to let people know the inner thoughts of people with disabilities.
1.2. Being disabled is still a concept that either confuses or frightens people, so that they do not know how to respond in regard to someone with a disability. This also includes people that are disabled and are entirely aware of being as such.
1.3. The effects of a stroke, regardless of being physical or mental, put a great strain on the person who has experienced the stroke. As is the case with Jill, she was unsure of being in her own body, doubting whether or not she had really survived the stroke.
1.4. It is important to understand people with disabilities. They are as human as anybody else, and just because they have a disability does not make them any less able.
2. “But I don’t want to accept being handicapped. What’s the difference between acceptance and giving up?”
2.1. I believe this fully captures the essence of the cluster of readings as it seems to be the theme, or the drive, behind Jill’s need to make people with disabilities a less feared concept. By accepting that she is handicapped, she is giving up her drive to try to improve herself, and thus prove that people with disabilities are not atrocities, but real people with goals and aspirations.
3. People with disabilities, as I mentioned previously, are no less abled than those of us without disabilities. Those with disabilities are more aware of their handicap then we are, and they strive to either positively accept what has happened to them, try to make something positive of it by teaching and informing others, or else making attempts to improve themselves. Disabilities, or lack thereof, do not make someone more or less human; giving up does.