Summary For THE_ORGANIZATION_as_a_system – Essay Example

Organization as a system Summary Basically, the article speaks of the need for an organization to work together. Important points were made, such asthe need for: (1) lesser focus on the individual groups would only mean a lack of efficiency for the organization, (2) cooperation of all involved within the company is needed in order to make progress happen, (3) the presence of aims and goals so as to guide the actions of people within an organization, and (4) improvement of processes for progress.
When an organization would focus on individuals rather than all the groups that make an entire organization functional, disunity is bound to happen. Unison in works and processes add progress to any organization.
The second point is a requirement for the first point to happen: cooperation. The lack of cooperation within an organization’s teams, despite working in problems together, in the same office or at the same time, without true teamwork, the organization is still bound to fail.
In order to give direction to people working within an organization, the goals and aims that the organization wants to achieve needs to be expressed by the management. In expressing what they need from people within an organization, the group would know what to do to achieve the desired goals.
Finally, the last point the article wants to emphasize is the need for an organization to recognize that when problems arise, people are not to be blamed. Having to dwell on who to blame for the mistake or malfunction of an organization would put an unnecessary strain on the progress of any organization and that focusing on the improvements of the processes of a company prove to be more beneficial.