Summary One Page About the Plagiarism – Essay Example

Plagiarism Plagiarism, though many people think it to mean borrowing or copying, is a much more harsher offense. The act of plagiarizing involves stealing someone else’s idea or work and claiming that it belongs to someone else, or otherwise using the work of someone else without properly citing it. Due to intellectual and copyright laws, the ideas and works of people are protected from the thievery of others.
Plagiarism is often done due to students procrastinating their assignments and using the works of others to help them meet their deadlines. Other students find that the ideas of others are better than their own. However, there are also cases of unintentional plagiarism, during which students might think that paraphrasing is different from plagiarism, or they might not know how to properly cite a source. There are some that get their ideas and the ideas of others confused when referring to their notes. There are many reasons as to why students plagiarize. To avoid any of these forms of plagiarism, students should be taught in the various techniques of plagiarism so that they can learn to avoid them. Some students are not aware of the fact that they are plagiarizing.
Some types of plagiarizing include simply turning in complete works of others as their own, changing keywords or sentences around to make the work appear unique, or even copying from some of their own previous papers. As aforementioned, it is also possible, and quite common, that students unknowingly plagiarize by forgetting to cite a source, inaccurately citing a source, or forgets to put quotation marks where they are needed.
Regardless of how or why plagiarism is committed, it needs to be prevented. By looking at resources to show how to properly cite information, students can avoid plagiarism.