Take Home Test On Culture And Customs On Germany – Essay Example

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Germany and America although both developed countries, there are a number of differences and similarities among them. Here the five main aspects chosen include, Climate, Germanys cities, Family occasions, Religion in Germany, and Work and social life.
The climate of Germany can be classified to be temperate and marine. American whether can also be recognized to temperate in nature, however due to the sheer size of the country, the temperatures can vary from tropical in places like Florida and Hawaii, Alaska has an arctic temperature whereas places like the Great Basin and Great Plains can be arid to semi – arid. Hence Germany’s whether can be classified one single however the American temperatures can vary, keeping the general as temperate.
In terms of the cities, unlike America, the German cities are surrounded by forests and a lot of greenery. The cities although are the financial centers tend to be surrounded by pine trees and fields. A little similar to America, where Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for family get together, in Germany, Christmas Eve is a get together for the immediate family (Bernstein). Also during other times, once or twice a year is a normal get together for large families to keep in track with the happening and catching up.
Also, similar to America, the main religion in Germany is Christianity. Almost 70% of the population of the countries is Christians. Finally, in terms of the work and social lives, until a few years ago the German culture was one where work and social life were never mixed or spoken about, however, in recent times, Germany is taking similar to America, and now tend to mix it up a little. However it is essential to note that German pay a lot of attention to relationships and no terms are taken lightly in a relationship (Bernstein). In short a few aspects of the country are similar while a number of them are completely opposite of America.
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