Team Building Slp – Essay Example

Team Building Many organizations today consider multicultural team or diverse workforce as their competitive advantage. On the other hand, some people believe that multicultural teams would create managing dilemmas as the cultural variance impedes effective teamwork and communication. However, while dealing with a highly multicultural society, a diverse workforce will be an advantage to a healthcare team because the different ideas and approaches to work and life will contribute to synergy in the long run.
If a healthcare team consists of diverse workgroup it can ensure comprehensive treatment and care to the people it attends. Such a team can be called as a multidisciplinary team which consists of physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists from various ethnic backgrounds. Although the roles and responsibilities of the team members are different and are clearly defined, ‘each individual from diverse professional discipline is expected to contribute special expertise about the patient’. (Wieland 1995, p. 79).
In the same way, being multicultural is an added advantage to a healthcare team. It will help the team understand the typical norms of each community. In addition to the differences in beliefs and behavior patterns, the major problems associated with multicultural teams are said to be the communication barriers, troubles with accent and fluency, differing attitude toward authority, and conflicting norms for decision making (Brett, Behfar & Kern 2006, p. 2). However, I believe that the multicultural feature could be utilized for enhancing the team’s cultural knowledge and potential to attend a wide range of communities having varying cultural outlooks.
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