Team Performance Measurement – Essay Example

Team Performance Measurement ID Lecturer As the head of a health care management organization, I would bank on teamwork because this is the best method of evaluating the performance of the individuals working in the health care concerns. What it will do is to give me a chance to understand how different individuals would interact with one another and thus create synergy (Clark 2000). It will also tell me how they will cope up with the changing times, and how their combined effect would mean goodness for the sake of one and all. There are other methods available to performance measurement as well. These include the appraisals which could be prepared to study the strengths and weaknesses within an employee’s work domains for the last 1 year (Seaburn 1996). Then there are the interview mechanisms which can be employed to comprehend how motivated the individual is within the health care management ranks and what he would be doing in the wake of difficult times and adversity. However, I would depend a great deal on the results of the teamwork because it gives a very holistic feel about the entire work philosophy no matter what organization one is talking about. The dependence on health care management organization with regards to teamwork is absolutely essential as it will bring in solid results at the end of the day (Mechanic 2006). Overall, teamwork forms the key for a lot of success that can be achieved with respect to understanding the evaluation regimes of the health care management organization and it is indeed the best method that can be incorporated within any organization in the current times.
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