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Number and Number Article on Computer-Related Technology Server is a hardware system that allows the computer to link with other computer devices aside from saving files and web pages. In line with this, Thecus Technology Corporation has recently launched its newly innovated N4200PRO NAS server (Computer Technology Review). Combined with Intel Atom processor and 1GB high-speed DDR3 memory, this particular computer technology is a server that allows its user to store data up to 8TB.
To store data to hard disks in case the computer shuts down, the N4200PRO NAS server has dual DOM OS Redundancy which allows the server to shift from one DOM to another in case the first DOM failed to perform its function. Therefore, the use of N4200PRO NAS server benefits the users by preventing them to experience the consequences of losing their data when the computer crashes as compared to an ordinary server. Among the server’s added features include hot-swap, hot-spare, auto-rebuild, and online redundant array of independent disks (RAIDS) migration and expansion. Aside from having a wide-range of added features, this technology adds up to the computer performance since this product allows the users to have RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD option.
Since more businesses today are relying with the use of computers, increasing the storage system through a server becomes an integral part of business success. Aside from increasing the work efficiency of employees, the use of N4200PRO NAS server will enable companies to save a significant amount of money since this product was designed as an energy efficient server.
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