Technical Writing – Essay Example

Exercise pg 11 Pup tents designed for sleeping feel cozy although they are small. 2. Though large umbrella tent is expensive it is roomier. 3. The car has driven only 19,000 miles since mom bought it in 2003.
4. After you settle on what college, explore the possibility of a Stafford loan.
5. These calculators provide the features similar to other and plot points on graph.
6. Inspect the axles therefore there are no bends
7. The brake levers should not bind so release them.
8. The inside of the case should be shaped to hold the guitar snug. In short the case should have durable latches and comfortable handle placement with a covering of waterproof Tolex.
9. Even though bamboo tent poles are lighter in weight, they may crack.
10. The customer refused the accessory package because it did not include pinstriping.
Exercise pg 20
Dear Mr. Numan,
I received your letter requesting warranty service on the Dynamo guitar you bought this year for your son. You asked for a replacement of electronics since they did not work properly.
Mr. Numan, our warranty department inspected the remains of the guitar that you sent. They reported that the original instrument was in very bad condition as it had been taken apart and repainted and reassembled after it was bought. The blue sparkle metallic polyester finish had been stripped off and coated with polyurethane finish and bleeding skulls logo. In addition, the wire had being clipped off and soldered back again incorrectly. As a result, the guitar makes a ground-lift buzz at 440 Hertz.
Therefore please accept my sincere apologies on not granting the warranty coverage on the basis that the instrument was mishandled by the customer.
Roxette Jones
Service Manager.

In this letter, the manager had written the letter in a harsh and ill-mannered tone that should not be used by the service managers for the customers. The attitude of the letter was formed over what the service manager felt on seeing the instrument.
I have revised the letter in a polite tone that should be used by the service managers and customer service with their customers. The letter is now polite and also conveys the message that the customer is at fault and therefore the company cannot oblige to their request.