Tell Us About Your Academic Goals, Circumstances That May Have Had An Impact On Your Academic – Essay Example

28 October, An experience that affected my studies: It was 30 April, - a time when everyone was excited and made summer plans for long holidays lying ahead. But for me, that day proved indeed, the most memorable and painful day of my entire life. That day, I had a baseball match in the afternoon. During warm-ups, my baseball coach gave me a fly ball. I thought I would able to catch it with my glove. But before I could realize what had happened, I found myself bleeding. As I gained my senses, I found four of my teeth in my hand and more were hanging against my braces. I could not believe what had happened to me. Suddenly, many thoughts flashed in mind including the SAT test that was due the next day, finals, graduation, family, friends and many other things. In fact, it felt like the end of world. 
After 11 hours of the incident, I was still bleeding. I met with an oral surgeon at Mass General Hospital in Boston. Although, my surgeon had done an excellent job getting things in place, I had difficulty eating food for months to follow. I could not in-take anything but smooth liquidized food. Due to my eating disorder, I developed fever and physical pain that would last for hours every day. Consequently, I had to miss classes for more than a week and my schoolwork was considerably delayed. In those stressful days, I could not find any way to make up the loss I had thus incurred in terms of schoolwork and take finals successfully. What further irritated me was the fact that I had been trying very hard for the finals for long. The accident ruined my plans and led me to the point of extreme hopelessness and devastation. Nonetheless, I was able to overcome the pain and achieve success in the finals with great care and unprecedented help from my family and friends. 
During the operation, my advisor, Ms. Hanley and my baseball coach, KJ stayed all night with me in the hospital to console me. My friend, Jiwoong called my parents to tell them about the accident and convinced them that I was fine and had been operated upon by a great doctor. Many friends sent me cards wishing me luck and praying for my health recovery. Many visited me personally. Furthermore, all the teachers understood my situation and did all to relieve me of all tensions, both academic and otherwise. As I realized how all my friends, family and teachers had showered their love, affection and care upon me, I became mentally composed and focused on overcoming academic hardships. Finally, by the grace of God, I managed to complete my schoolwork and achieved 5 As in the finals. 
That experience taught me the value and strength of relationships as they helped me handle all sorts of academic hardships effectively. Now, I am confident that I shall be able to do even better in the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the coming year.