The Egg Recall – Essay Example

The Egg Recalled The illustrated article by CNN’s Elizabeth Landau and her team (Aug 21, describes the shambles of egg distribution chain of Hillandale Farms of Iowa. The news sheets show the recall of nearly 2 billion eggs across 14 states of America in a week’s time. The recent salmonella scare has called for a national attention on total supply chain of eggs in the affected provinces. The Egg Safety Center’s urge for recall of eggs created positive impact and the farmers of Iowa have voluntarily recalled the eggs distributed to stores and companies following the alerts of the government about the seriousness of the epidemic. The eggs of the farm are packed in containers of different capacity and sent various targets. The salmonella spread caused the serious havoc among almost every egg producer in the country and they started recalling eggs in distribution; with Wright Country Egg of Galt, Iowa began calling the eggs with the target of 380 million recalled eggs. The infection of this disease has been estimated to spread faster within three weeks of infection as the affected person normally shows the symptoms of infection only by then.
The FDA has set up new rules for preservation and trade of eggs as they considered that better edibility standards of eggs could contribute over 60 per cent to the early control of the epidemic. The authorities have made awareness sessions which reminds the people that source of infection derives from contaminated poultry, meat, eggs or water and the bacteria affects the intestinal tract. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service asserted that the chickens can pass the bacteria to eggs because the eggs leave hens through the same passage way as feces. There is also an additional risk of eggs being infected before the shell formation as the ovaries and oviduct of hens are equally infected as the intestines. Diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps are the symptoms of the infection which begin within 12 to 72 hours with vomiting, chills, muscle pains and headache. The elderly, infants and people with impaired immune system are at great risk of life-threat if the infection spreads beyond intestines.
However the authorities have reported that the suppliers of eggs are cooperating with the remedial system in order to keep the infection away from the reach of people. New date and package codes are introduced to identify and separate eggs as infected and disinfected and people are informed of the codes. With the efforts of the authorities and health organizations, a total recall of all the eggs became possible within a week. Consumers and new buyers have been warned against the problem and are asked to return the eggs in their original packaging to purchase stations for full refund.
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