THE END OF WAR – Essay Example

Nov of Article: The End of War by Gregg Easterbrook The main theme of this article is the decline of war as evidenced by some studies. The article points out that incidence of wars during the 20th century declined after September 2001. In addition, the article also asserts that people have the perception that wars happen more frequently in the present time as compared to the previous century due to media coverage and technology. The article also cited some possible factors that have caused the decline of wars.
The Three Important Facts that the author uses to support his main idea:
1. Data from studies by University of Maryland reporting that the most number of wars happened in 1991 which was followed by a decline;
2. Marshall and Gurr’s latest study on the magnitude of fighting that analyzed the number of casualties on several wars;
3. Global spending on military has been reduced and western nations became more vigilant on peacekeeping efforts.
The faulty reasoning in the article claims that “there is even a chance that the ascent of economics to its pinnacle position in modern life reduces war”. On the other hand, other developed countries quest for power and resources also creates war since some of them benefit from selling arms to both sides. There are many rich countries involved in a war simply because of economic gain such as acquiring more oil resources.
The term “capable government “is something new but it pertains to the inefficiency of a government or a state to control criminal elements or terrorists groups that threatens the security of a country. Unfortunately, even very developed countries such as the United States and Great Britain are still struggling with these issues as evidenced by their counter-terrorist activities.