The Globa Community – Essay Example

The Global Community The role of nursing across the globe has increased tremendously over the past few decades and nurses in the modern world influence various spheres of human life, other than health matters. Thus, it is fundamental to realize that the role of the nurses in the global community with regards to policy formation, advocacy, and social activism in different nations of the world has expended considerably. For example, Afghanistan is a country where there is great inequity in resource allocation and the related aspects and the nurses in this region of the world play a significant role in the policy matters and social activism relating to health issues and resource allocation. Significantly, equity in resource allocation refers to equal and fair distribution of the available resources of a nation among the various categories of people and it is an alarming fact that Afghanistan is a nation with great inequity in resource allocation, especially between the males and females. Therefore, various international organizations and agencies such as the nursing institutions have immense scope in dealing with the “gender issues in national policy making and resource allocation processes as well as in the delivery of services.” (Bhatia, 2003, p. 357). It is fundamental to comprehend that the nurses play an essential role in the design, implementation, and promotion of health care policy which can dispose of issues such as inequity in resource allocation and related matters. As Nickitas, Middaugh, and Aries purport, “the nurses can become potent influencers in policy formation. They have the capacity to analyze the policy process and the ability to engage in politically competent action.” (Nickitas, Middaugh, and Aries , 2011, p. 89). In short, nurses play a crucial role in the global community with respect to policy formation, advocacy, and social activism in various nations and they have an important role in dealing with inequity in resource allocation in Afghanistan.
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