The Gospel Message – Essay Example

In our culture, the Christian gospel is usually perceived as a moral constraint in today’s liberal, post-modern culture and the “modern church has become a subculture on the fringes
of culture” (Campbell, 2000, p.168). Many liberalized societies and countries believe that having a morally upright religion such as Christianity will reduce their chances of pleasure and prevent them from fully enjoying life. The Christian gospel is also perceived as a guidebook only for conservative individuals. Christianity is seen in the light of chastity, devotion and beyond the temporal realm. It is good if such perceptions are held positively. However, ultra modern individuals nowadays tend to regard them in the negative way.
The gospel has often suffered rejections. One of the main reasons why people reject the Christian gospel, or Christianity for that matter, is the desire to enjoy a sufficient degree of moral freedom. To be real followers of the Christian faith require strict moral compliance, such as preserving one’s chastity until the day of marriage, turning away from vices, constantly praying, and going to church regularly. Not everyone has the spiritual stamina or willingness to sacrifice excessive earthly pleasures to be closer to God. In their blind quest to be free from moral constraints, they reject the Christian gospel and live lives that oppose established Christian morals. Secondly, people who have undergone severe emotional hurts and have sought divine intervention but to no avail, almost always end up blaming God and losing their faith in Him and His gospel. Feeling that He has let them down, these people emotionally turn away from God for not coming to their rescue at the time when they were hurt badly. Finally, individuals in the academe who have been exposed to science, world philosophies, and other branches of knowledge, become more and more estranged with God. Having known concrete and rational evidence and theories that can explain the existence of certain things and probably of humanity, these people no longer attribute these to God’s miracles. The ability to explain intellectually makes these individuals believe themselves more than they believe God. They find God too irrational and abstract. The intellectually arrogant would rather place their beliefs in the explainable and rational ones (Tracy, 2008).
Christians can do best by keeping their faith in Him and the Christian gospel. Faith can move mountains no matter how small it is. It is said in the Bible that it matters not if "you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you" (Mattew 17: 20). Faith can move mountains. Despite objections and the several temptations lurking in the corners of the earth, if Christians continue to believe and worship God, through Christ, they will not be left wanting. People who will see their unwavering faith will be moved before they know it. Once they see others opening up, they can effectively communicate the Christian gospel to them.
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