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How do children become “street kids” in Vietnam? First Last Dr. TeacherFirst TeacherLast Number 27 August 2010
How do children become “street kids” in Vietnam?
Various groups have cited different reasons why children of school going age end up as street children in Vietnam. Broadly speaking, causes traced for street children are linked to Vietnam War parents who are physically or mentally challenged, poverty, economic migration, broken families, or even bad parenthood where parents encourage their children to work for short term gain rather than send them for education.
In an aggregated analysis of four surveys on the lives of street children in Vietnam, Hong and Ohno (2005) explored in detail the circumstances and causes of children ending up on the streets. The study identified poverty as the major cause of children working on the streets where over 70% children surveyed fell in this category (Hong & Ohno, 2005: p. 18). The prime reason cited was for the children to supplement their family’s income. This corresponded well with the widening economic gap in rural and urban areas (Hong & Ohno, 2005: p. 2-3) resulting in economic migration (“Greater commitment to Vietnamese street children needed”, 2008). This study, however, did not take into account children of parents who were crippled during the Vietnam War, possibly because they have now grown beyond the school going or street children age brackets. However, other organisations working for rehabilitation in the area cite this as one of the “typical causes” where children end up “supporting” their families through odd jobs (Streets International, 2009).
Another major situation where children end up on the street is they being from a broken family or being abandoned by their family (Hong & Ohno, 2005: p. 17). Many of these children left home for better prospects away from a difficult domestic situation or were abandoned. For example, Nguyen Hoai Nam (“Nguyen Hoai Nam - KOTO Class 1”) represents a good case of a broken family, economic migration, and poverty, all adding up to his life as a street child. When his father left his mother, he followed his three brothers and left school to migrate alone from his village to Hanoi to find work.
As mentioned earlier, there are several causes and circumstances leading to life as a street child and this brief write-up has only scratched the surface. Apart from various causes mentioned here, it is felt that once the child ends up as a street child, he or she becomes part of an ecosystem that attracts more to join them.
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