The Invisible Man Written By H.G. Wells – Essay Example

Dr. Kemp has known the Invisible Man during their days. Invisible Man treated him like an old friend during their first meeting, readily telling him of his true identity – “I am Griffin, of University College, and I have made myself invisible. I am just an ordinary man – a man you have known – made invisible” (Wells p.89). The Invisible Man told him the story of how he had come to be invisible and how he researched to reverse the process. He told Dr. Kemp how he managed to stay alive, and unknown, by hiding his identity and stealing to keep his stomach full. The Invisible Man’s downfall was his mistake of telling Dr. Kemp of his plans to terrorize everyone because he felt invincible by being invisible. Because of this, Dr. Kemp realized how his invisibility made him insane that he alerted the police and helped them out to catch the Invisible Man, leading to his death.
The Invisible Man treated Dr. Kemp like a confidante, an ally, that could help him further his personal plans of terrorizing people. By telling Dr. Kemp of his intimate plans, it could be assumed that they have been close friends during their years together in college. It would be impossible for someone to just disclose that information to an acquaintance or someone that he would have little trust on. Their conversation showed how he believed that Dr. Kemp truly understood him and would help him.
His anger with Dr. Kemp when he realized he has been betrayed even more emphasizes the association of the Invisible Man with Dr. Kemp. When Marvel tried to betray him, he threatened and attempted to kill him but with Dr. Kemp, he declared that he will become his first victim in his reign of terror, showing his deep regret over their association. Dr. Kemp’s attempt to save his life showed also that there is an amount of care for his friend, even if he has been the one that lead to his capture.
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