The Joy Of Working For A Grocery Store – Essay Example

The joy of working for a grocery store Wegmans is one of the most successful supermarket chains and is one of the best companies to work for, from the employee perspective. “Voted one of Fortune magazines "Best 100 Companies to Work For" for nine straight years.”(article). Thus, if I get a chance to work for a supermarket chain like Wegmans, I would surely get into it. As the employers like Wegmans could give more focus on the employees, they could actualize an optimal working environment. In that environment, the situations and problems of the employees could be easily understood and so optimum strategies can be implemented. Also, as good financial benefits are normally given for effective performances, I would be happy to join.
The main reason why the employees at Wegmans are happy is because they are given a free hand in many decisions and are given good financial benefits. Employees at Wegmans are feeling comfortable because Wegman’s management treats its employees really well by involving them in all the key decision making process. That is, they are allowed to do whatever it takes to create customer satisfaction without having to go higher up for every approval. Also, apart from traditional salaries or benefits, Wegmans provide optimal financial benefits like scholarship opportunities, retirement plan in addition to a 4OHkl, adoption assistance, employee discounts, etc. Providing rewards for the successful attainment of goals, enhances intrinsic motivation, and Wegmans was able to that (Marzano et. al.)
It is clear that Wegmans by giving free hand to the employees and also by giving optimal financial benefits has taken a proactive approach to employee motivation. In an organization, the workers will normally do their duties for personal motivations like salary, looking after their family, etc, but their motivation level will get a great boost if they receive additional financial rewards and other benefits. As Wegmans was able to do that with its rewards program, employees become emotionally connected to it, thereby optimizing their motivation levels, which in turn lead to high productivity levels.
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