The Smiley-Face Approach – Essay Example

The Smiley-Face Approach The Smiley-Face Approach is a reading selection written by Albert Shanker that focused on the proposed grade ification system in Clark County, Nevada. He actually proffered the pros and cons of the new grading system compared with the traditional grading system majority are familiar with. In his discourse, the thesis statement appears to be the first sentence of the first paragraph which states: “the school board in Clark County, Nevada, has decided that its students deserve a new grading system”. The thesis statement, as defined by The Writing Center (2007, par. 7) “is usually a single sentence somewhere in your first paragraph that presents your argument to the reader”. As such, it is clearly stated and forms the basis for the succeeding arguments in the essay.
If one is to create an equally effective or better thesis for this essay, the following statement is a more effective option: “A smiley-face approach was designed by the Clark County, Nevada, as a new grading system.” This thesis statement must be situated at the end of the introductory paragraph. This is a better thesis for the essay because it accorded the reader with the information on the new grading system by stipulating its qualitative description. The thesis statement indicated by Shanker was too open-ended as readers could subsequently ask: how? The how or why test relays the message that the thesis statement needs to add concise information to make a stand by asserting an opinion or an idea. By providing the “smiley-face approach” in the thesis statement, readers are guided that the subsequent portions of the essay would discuss arguments for Clark County’s rationale for opting to resort to the new grading system.
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