The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Written By Robert Louis Stevenson Number 1 – Essay Example

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella ‘The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ is absolutely strange for characters playing fluctuated roles in it. As this story echoes the implementation of two opposite characters contorted by one man, it introduces an investigative advocate Mr. Utterson. He is a friend of Dr. Jekyll who starts his examination on everything possibly found about the doctor. One of such investigation reaches him the legacy of Dr. Jekyll. It happened so that Mr. Utterson was getting a fire after his last meal on a Sunday who started reading the will at his bedpost. The Holographic book was in the lawyer’s possession because he was the legal advisor for its framing. As per the will, the properties owned by Dr. Henry Jekyll, M.D., D.C.L., L.L.D., F.R.S. were to pass into the hands of “Mr. Edward Hyde, his friend and benefactor.”(Chapter,2). These lines are common about any will that people would make by the end of their life. An advocate has his sixth sense to frame ideas from mere imaginations about any unusual thing.
The next line of the will runs with a deeper sense indigestible to the nerves of the lawyer.
Further part of the text reads another sentence like this, “but in case of Dr. Jekyll’s disappearance or unexplained absence for any period exceeding three calendar months, the said Edward Hyde should step into…..” (Chapter, 2). This line was enough for the lawyer to scratch his brows and roll his eyeballs. There go his thoughts meshing around the insensible interaction of a stranger in the documentary clauses in a will. Being sane and professional, Mr. Utterson feels curious about the will and tries to relate the happenings with the legacy whereby he finds an unholy relationship between the two parties concerned. There can be another strong reason why he suspected this unprecedented intimacy of a dignified doctor with a savage slaughter. It is presumable that the lawyer suspects Dr. Jekyll’s relationship with Mr. Hyde because he gets the will very strange with the portions of liability being shared among the family people where they have no room to enjoy the right to the doctor’s property.
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