The University Values An Educational Environment That Provides All Members Of The Campus Community – Essay Example

28 October, How my presence in the college will enrich the community: Throughout myschool life, I have never been interested in taking the role of a leader, for I knew, it was a matter of extreme responsibility. However, as I became a senior in high school, I wanted to develop leadership skills. Therefore, I finally opted to participate in the proctorship program and became one. As a proctor, I hoped to be responsible and develop a positive atmosphere, both academically and otherwise, in an underclassmen dorm. 
However, things were not that easy as I was packed with work in the initial days of my proctorship. I had to struggle dividing my attention between schoolwork, SATs preparation, college essays, sports and my proctorship. At times, I had to be selfish, and overlook my responsibilities as a proctor. Consequently, I had problematic conflicts with some of the underclassmen who found me ignorant as a proctor. This spoke bad of my leadership skills.
As I realized it one day, I decided to be more responsible and aid my fellow dorm members to the best of my abilities. I strived to make my dorm academically strong by cooperating with every dorm member and offering them help. Particularly, I patiently listened to the consent of students who had acquired the habit of drinking alcohol on campus and sincerely advised them of ways to relinquish their habit. It felt so good later to see them abandon their habit as they followed my advice.
Moreover, as a proctor, I enriched the school community in that all the proctors and I worked a lot on many controversial issues including bullying and human rights. We shared our thoughts and solutions to the issues in the school meetings. Our mutual efforts resulted in generating more knowledge regarding bullying in general, and the number of students affected by various traits of bullying in America in particular. Many students openly expressed their feelings as we shared our early school bullying experiences for not being able to speak English correctly. Particularly, one meeting that all proctors had prepared for happened to be one of the most valuable school meetings of all times. 
The experience of being a proctor inculcated responsibility, leadership, and cooperation in me. Proctorship successfully led me to become an exceptional leader and contribute to the school community. Now, I believe that my presence will strongly enrich UW-Madison’s community in that I can bring positive change both within and outside my classroom by leading others in the right direction and being cooperative with everyone in the college. Furthermore, utilizing a leadership certificate program, I will not only focus on leadership but also earn the opportunity to share my story of being a proctor with others. Hoping to be a student staff member of the Associated Students of Madison, I intend to make the school community stronger by providing the students at UW-Madison with good leadership, and participating in activities that would make the students educated on the importance of human rights.