Thesis Statement About Comfort Women In Nanking – Essay Example

Thesis ment: The lives of the comfort women in Nanking were natural atrocities of war, but the sufferings they went through during this time should be justly compensated. Controversy of the subject is debated upon whether compensation to comfort women is justified under the terms of war.
The exact number of women who were forced to become comfort women for military soldiers during the war is still being argued. The numbers are not significant, what is relevant here is their cry for justice for the inhuman treatment they went through from these soldiers, and that they should be justly compensated for that. The concern of the government at that time was the needs of the military soldiers that prompted them to act accordingly.
Women who were in the prime of their lives contracted diseases as a consequence of multiple rapes by soldiers; others became barren, and still others bore children who have unknown fathers. These women suffered shame as well as physical disabilities that they have carried on their lives long after the war is over.
The comfort women kept silent about this for a while, but recently, there is a renewed interest globally of justifying the wrongdoings committed to them. Some groups ask for compensation, others ask for public apologies. Governments, more specifically Japan, responsible groups and politicians look at the issue, and weigh things whether it is correct or not.
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