Training And Appraisals/ Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Two of the biggest concerns that employers have today are locating qualified or good workers and going through the process of training them. According to Newsline (2001), “The difference between the skills needed on the job and those possessed by the applicants, called skills-gap, is of real concern to human resource managers and business owners looking to hire competent employees.” It is true that employers would prefer to find employees who are already trained and ready to work, they will typically hire individuals who are trainable and provide the necessary training for those individuals to perform a particular job (Fischer and Reiss, 2010).
Occupational and technical skills typically are more generic skills that apply to particular industries and jobs, but employability skills are more specific in nature. The lack of these skills penetrates all industries, businesses, sizes of businesses, and job levels in the marketplace (Newsline 2001). This holds to be true as well for the healthcare industry. Most healthcare jobs are very specific in nature and require specialized training, but the current lack of qualified candidates forces many healthcare providers to hire candidates that are not trained and to instead be willing to get those new employees the training and certifications that are necessary to fill the roles of a particular job (Garman,, 2004 and Chandra, 2006).
According to Newsline (2001), “Employers need reliable, responsible workers who can solve problems and who have the social skills and attitudes to work together with other workers. Employability skills are generally divided into three skill sets: basic academic skills, higher-order thinking skills and personal qualities.”
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