Trends – Essay Example

Over the past forty years, the violent crime trend peaked in the 1990’s. While not as high as in the 1990’s, the violent crime rate today is still high. The lowering of the crime rate during the 1990’s has been attributed to several law enforcement measures. The use of the death penalty is thought to be a deterrent. The Three Strikes Laws passed around the country has also been seen as a deterrent for crime. Sex offender registries have helped track sex offenders. These measures have made it rougher on criminals. This could be the reason for the lower crime rate today than in the 1990’s.
Another trend that has happened over the past forty years is gang violence. When gangs popped up after the Civil Rights Movement, black on black crime started occurring. The gang violence increased and got out of hand. The newest trend in gang relation is the inclusion of all races. About 46% of gangs are now multicultural (Race/Ethnicity).
The trend of making harsher laws has worked for violent crimes. Gang violence can be combated with community support. The current methods are working. The 21st century needs to take lessons from the past ten years. Harsher laws seem to be having an effect. Prisons have been built to rehabilitate and punish. Those that can be rehabilitated are, while those who do not want rehabilitation can do their time.