Tuition Expenses For The Out State And International Students – Essay Example

Front Range Community College, Colorado strives to provide affordable education to all Among approximately 16,000 it is found that only 8% are out-of-state students and 3% are non-resident aliens or international students. Such disproportionate distribution is caused by the difference between the tuition the two groups pay. While resident tuition per credit hour is $96.25 (except Nursing), non-resident tuition is a staggering $413.60. The data gathered by us show that in a semester 5872 residents paid $6,126,607 while 403 out-of-state students paid $1,904,900.
Such unfair and inconsistent difference is the result of a State of Colorado Law. Since the out-of-state students do not pay taxes in Colorado, and tuition for residents in FRCC is subsidized by the State, in-state students pay only 22% of what out-of-state students pay. But the amount of subsidy provided by the College Opportunity Fund to each student is $62. There are several financial supports available to students but out-of-state students qualify for only a very few of those. Such anomaly impacts the living expenses of out-of-state students.
To attract more out-of-state students they must be given financial incentives. It is true that revenue for the college needs to be generated and tax-payers money cannot always be used to provide support to those who do not pay tax at the same rate. Alternatively, good students need to be supported in their endeavor in pursuing higher education. Hence, the college may consider providing a discounted tuition to students having GPA above 3.5. Such discount will not continue if in any semester the student’s GPA falls below 3.5. Another option is to provide a reward of $100 per credit point in each semester, if the student had maintained GPA of 3.5 or above. Such incentives will not affect the gross revenue generated by the out-of-state students but at individual levels, it will help students in their food, housing and transport expenses. Such a performance linked incentive will also motivate students to do well in their studies.