Unit 1 Ip – Essay Example

Unmarried Teenage Pregnancy- A Sociological Imagination This mini-paper is going to discuss what effects does an unmarried teenage pregnancy have on the girl and what is its impact upon the society on the whole.
Research has shown that many deleterious effects can result from teenage pregnancy- effects that are psychological, physical and social. This phenomenon is common in developing countries (Sams, 2008). Teenage pregnancy may be a blessing in a developing country but in case of a developed country, it is a social stigma (Chibuzo, 2007). The primary thing that the teenage will have to experience is not being able to graduate her high school. She has difficulty in keeping up with school requirements and relating with peers after giving birth. She shows poor performance, gets lower grades, and ultimately fails to graduate. Statistics show that the drop-out rate is very high for those teenage girls who gave birth before the age of 18. Lacking education hinders her from finding and keeping a job that can support her family. Most teen mothers live in poverty, since they have very little education and no job skills. Another thing the pregnant teen experiences is that she does not go for prenatal care out of embarrassment. Out of one million teenagers in the US, 7.2 percent received no prenatal care while the rest received delayed prenatal care (Sams, 2008). Hermes (2009) writes that “early pregnancy and childbearing is linked to a host of other critical social issues, such as poverty, health and education”. When the young unmarried mother will fail in good parenting, the child will most likely show anti-social behavior and will turn out to be an irresponsible citizen or a criminal.
In short, the individual experiences of an unmarried teenage mother are greatly linked to the whole society. The teen pregnancy has adverse effects both on the teenage and the society. Although the whole situation is not very pleasant, however, teen mothers have to remain a part of society and should not get deprived of love and respect from her family and friends.
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