Unit 4 Part 1 – Essay Example

Running head: EDITORIAL Two Different Worlds: Editorial Response of the of the of the Two Different Worlds:Editorial Response
Bob Hebert, the author of the editorial page column Two Different Worlds in the newspaper New York Times discusses the movers and shakers of the American economy. The article discusses how the authorities concerned to the American economy have become oblivious to the statistics of poverty in the sub categorized classes in America.
The author had appointed a very negative approach towards the obliviousness of the giants of American economy. The approach had been justified with the use of statistics and measurements which elaborate how downsized economy of America had become (Herbert, 2010). The point rose in the article by the author claims that for sure everybody had grasped recession and then triggered market values of services and commodities but the problem is still unsolved as there is no decrease in the rising graphs of the poverty in the country.
The author had used the measure of people under poverty which was 44 million last year. Bob claims that this year the increase in the poverty rate had increased to higher percent in which is being regarded as the highest in comparison with the statistics of 15 years. Unfortunately, the American economy is on its knees because the mover shakers and market giants in media have put little attention to coop with economic disasters that had hit America one after another (Herbert, 2010).
One of the most memorable passages in the article is as follows:
Millions of struggling voters have no idea which way to turn. They are suffering under the status quo, but those with any memory at all are afraid of a rerun of the catastrophic George W. Bush era. An Associated Press article, based on recent polling, summed the matter up: “Glum and distrusting, a majority of Americans today are very confident in — nobody” (Herbert, 2010).
The article can be considered as effective on the scale of continuum when the author had given example from his life of being oblivious from the rainstorm that took place on Thursday evening September 16.
Reference List
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