Upward Mobility I care about what I wear. I am also always concerned about how I look. I care about how many bucks I am carrying in my wallet all thetime. What I have to eat is always a big concern for me because I do not like ordinary foods. I like roaming out with friends in my new Civic. I have often heard them gossiping about my Calvin Klein wrist watch. We regularly watch the American Idol show and enjoy Facebook-ing.
A social class comprises of people belonging to the same socioeconomic status (Levine, 2006). People, who have the same tastes for the popular culture, call themselves as individuals of the upper middle class. “People talk about class because they don’t want to talk about race” (Barratt, 2010), and the same is true for media. So, what shame can I have in calling myself an upper middle class individual? My father was a data collector in a company but he made me study in the best schools and since I was a hardworking student myself, I usually studied on scholarships. I am a pediatrician now and am earning enough to support my classy lifestyle. I definitely belong to the upper middle class of the society. The media has also inspired me to adopt better tastes and it is the media primarily that has helped me in identifying my social class. The reason is that media has always focused its utmost attention “on the concerns of the wealthy and the privileged” (Newman, 2006).
I also have an earnest desire of upward class mobility. I envy those large Chevrolets and the corporate houses. But I am also aware of the fact that I will have to burn the midnight’s oil to reach that status. Turner (1964) says that one “may not simply abandon one set of values for another” at the time of upward mobility. And I fear that I will do so. Thus, I should better stick to the class I belong to!
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