Value Of A Liberal Arts Education – Essay Example

curriculum constantly aims at all round development of a wherein imparting general knowledge and development of intellectual capacitates is reiterated. Therefore this type of curriculum or Liberal arts education is an approach which empowers every student that prepares them for dealing with the intricacies and diversity of life at the same time developing a sense of social responsibilities, practical skills for communication, analytical skills and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge into every day life.
Most students wonder at this general approach to education wherein a psychologist or an engineer studies subjects like philosophy, history, literature etc that is not related to their fields. As mentioned this liberal approach to education which caters to formation enables students to:
1. Think wherein liberal education will enable one to lay the foundation on which a career could be established and formed. At the same time the mind (controller of all) will be exercised thus making it stronger and adaptable towards divergent thinking, ideas and intellectual work.
Liberal education will assist one in thinking in an organized manner and adopt rational methods of analysis.
2. Liberal education teaches every student how to learn? Books and educators provide only a telescope of education whereas the reality of education lies in learning and portray how one organizes, build knowledge wherein old knowledge clarifies new acquired knowledge and this fullness of the mind produces new and creative ideas along with better understanding and solutions which leads to genius being created.
3. Liberal education enhances a well balanced mind and mental framework which is an extension of the self and enables the self to enjoy and appreciate the world. Educated and intellectual people have the ability to lead happier lives wherein the rate of depressions and mental illness are less as they adopt defense mechanisms in facing and preventing maladjustment.
4. Liberal education is a transformation from chains to freedom of the mind and facilitates a student to incorporate their own fields of study into a broader context.
5. Our society is constantly undergoing scientific, technological and traditional changes. In this scenario liberal education never looses the need to reflect on life and to decide between good and evil, from injustice and justice.
6. Liberal education enables students to identify their vocation and provides them with the required skills and knowledge to make their careers.
Thus a liberal education prepares students for the world and assists them to assume leadership wherein students are provided with an all round development of body, mind and soul.
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