What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mentoring – Essay Example

The advantages and disadvantages of mentoring Mentoring is a form of partnership between a mentor and a mentee who can normally be seen working in the same field. It provides an effective tool of empowerment and also powerful personal development. This helps people to be able to progress in their career as the mentor who is usually more experienced helps the mentee to discover more about their potential and capability. This could either be a one – to – one or group mentoring (What is mentoring). This process of development can be advantageous for the mentor, the mentee and the organization. It can be seen as a non-threatening and a supportive source of help in the development of new skills to the learner and improves employee satisfaction. They will be more adept at handling emergencies or other tense or critical situations. Examples would include changing jobs, or being promoted to a high stress post. Good mentors can have a feeling of great satisfaction in being able to help and uplift others. They can also derive satisfaction from sharing their vision and knowledge.
Mentoring offers the organization means for succession planning and retention of employees. It increases productivity (Mentoring in practice). There are also some disadvantages of mentoring as well. A mentee may also face the risk of overly depending on the mentor and loose his or her individuality. A mentee may also develop a negative attitude towards the mentor in case he (mentee) is not successful for long periods of time. It takes a lot of energy and time commitment by the mentor. In group mentoring some people may not work well in a group and the mentee has less or no one-on-one contact with the mentor (Using mentoring to boost employee performance). But it can be seen that good mentoring has a lot of advantages. The mentor has to be knowledgeable, empathetic and understanding. Poor mentoring can also have negative consequences on the mentee and the organization if the mentees are employed there.
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