What Are The Major Tools Used In Psychological Research, Their Uses, Benefits, And Weakness – Essay Example

s 24 March Psychological Research There are several tools used in psychological research, this paper will comprehensively present some of the most important tools used in psychological research. The benefits, weaknesses and uses will also be thrown light upon in this paper.
“The three modes of inference is very often used by psychologists to research on several topics, CS Peirce was the psychologist who was responsible for identifying these modes of inferences. Psychologists rely heavily upon inductive reasoning to conduct research, quantitative and qualitative research is one of the most important modes of research. Methods in this type of research involves, taking interviews, observations and a lot more. Case-control study is another important feature of this type of research.” (Psychological Research)
Controlled experiment is another very important mode of research, it involves conduction experiments in a laboratory, the results are noted down and suitable action is taken. There were several experiments conducted on human beings before the Second World War but after the establishment of the Nuremberg code experiments on human beings have been stopped. Statistical survey is another very important method of research, the attitudes and traits of human beings is made note of in this type of research. Naturalistic observation is arguably the most popular method of research; it involves studying the human beings in a very natural setting and without their knowledge. To conclude it is very fair to say that there are several ways of conduction research and every type of research has its own pros and cons.
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