What Are Your Thoughts – Essay Example

H1-B Visa program is one of the most controversial programs of the U.S government. On one hand, it provides an opportunity for U.S based employers toget cheaper labor for their businesses, whereas on the other hand it is considered a threat for the jobs of local populations. In my view, since United States is a conglomerate society of the world, such invitations to foreign workers should be acceptable, provided they are hired for the purpose of achieving solutions for high-tech business needs which local population fails to provide. Unemployment is definitely aggravated when individuals from foreign countries are hired on wages which are far less than the prevailing wages of the United States. When this happens, the local population fails to compete with these foreigners, as most of them belong to the third world countries and maintain a low standard of life and are therefore able to adjust to a low life standard in U.S as well, which is not on option for the local population since they enjoy a higher standard of living.
Since the law provides equal opportunities to all citizens irrespective of gender or racial differences, if such basic rights of individuals are violated by managers, this practice is against the law and accepted moral standards of humanity. Managers face a constant risk of getting involved in unconscious bias when it comes to taking decisions about their employees and their future.
I would use “interview” and “cognitive ability test” as my preferred methods of selection, since I believe that these two methods are likely to reveal more information not only about the personality of the person but also about the mental level of the person.