What Can We Know In Philosophy – Essay Example

Nature Of Philosophy Philosophy is an in depth and thorough study of the nature of the human being in relation to the existence. The major aim of philosophy is to understand the ideal way in which a human being can live his life. As philosophy aims to know the components of an ideal human life, its scope of study is unlimited and covers almost every aspect of human being’s life. Hence, philosophy attempts to know the purpose and meaning behind the different aspects of human beings like education, religion, relationship, spirituality, society, existence, science, biology, mind, languages, logic, emotions etc. In fact, it can be said that philosophy is the study which questions and examines everything that exists in the universe in relationship with man. Hence, different philosophers, through their philosophies, have tried to explain the essence behind the existence of human beings.
Philosophy studies the human nature to the core. It has tried to understand the human being in relation to 1) his self, 2) his friends and relatives, 3) his state and 4) the universe. Hence, philosophy studies not only the essence behind the religious beliefs of human beings, but also investigates the role that social establishments like justice, political system, government, church etc., play in their lives. Philosophers have proposed different ideas and theories to establish a system in which human beings can evolve into higher intelligent beings and live a life that can be called as an ideal life. It tries to answer the questions related to the matters like the individual values, good vs. evil, reward and punishment, existence of God, individual vs. social rights, marriage, freedom etc. Hence, through philosophy, we can know the personal, social and universal aspects of human being in detail. Most importantly, philosophy teaches us how a human being can reach an ideal state of his being by conducting his life wisely.