What Communication Problems Might Inhibit Safe Behavior In The Aviation Industry – Essay Example

What communication problems might inhibit safe behavior in the aviation industry? Aviation industry is facing quite a few problems when it comes to proper communication between the people who matter the most. Some of the most important communication problems include the misinformation or complete lack of information that is transmitted and/or received at either ends. At times, there is the lightning aspect which takes more significance when the talk goes out loud regarding the aviation industry. Safety or safe behavior is quintessential and because of that it is required that engine failure issues are reported as and when they happen. In fact such problems need to be pre-empted by the cockpit so that the safety regimes could be ensured. The signal failure is one of the most basic reasons or problems that could come under the domains of communication amongst all concerned when one discusses the safety realms within the aviation industry (Batteau 2001). Also fire problems which could take place within an airplane limit the communication that must happen consistently between the cockpit and the airport. Therefore it must be suggested here that proper mechanisms should be in place so that communication hiccups do not come about. Since more than 300 passengers are on board at any flight, communication is of utmost essence. Safe behavior has taken the most important place because it can have lasting affects on the passengers as well as their families if a catastrophic event occurs. Hence communication remains the key under all such situations and circumstances.
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