What Communication Problems Might Inhibit Safe Behavior In The Aviation Industry – Essay Example

What communication problems might inhibit safe behavior in the aviation industry? The purpose of this essay is to provide a critical discussion of some of the possible communication problems that exist within the aviation industry and how these problems may inhibit safe behavior in the aviation industry. The format that will be utilized is to first identify possible communication problems and than discuss some possible implications.
Within the actual airplane environment there appear to be two distinct zones, the cabin and the cockpit. Within the cockpit, employees have highly specialized roles in an isolated environment whereas in the cabin employees generally have to be more mobile and personable. In any environment where agents must work in harmony yet have highly different roles and are separated by different barriers (Including physical barriers) it may be intimidating for airline employees to have a free exchange of opinions and ideas (Especially during crisis environments).
Secondly there is the issue of strict hierarchies. For example during a landing approach, air traffic controllers hold more sway over pilots. During issues within the airplane environment a pilot ranks higher than the copilot, and these two agents rank higher than cabin employees. In this circumstance again it may be the case that agents may feel intimidated to express their concerns freely. As such it may be the case that smaller issues never get addressed and may ultimately balloon into larger problems. One could conclude that this represents a kind of sociological separation.
Different employees are represented by different unions. With different organizations representing the needs of different employees there may be resentment towards remuneration packages, scheduling etc. which may formulate a kind of psychological difference between.
Although it may be the case that there are communication problems might inhibit safe behavior in the aviation industry, one must consider that these trends may not be universal and certain organizations may be actively taking steps to remove these barriers. Moreover agents operating within these environments may also operate outside the confines of their work role and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure communication is open so that safe behavior is paramount.