What Do They Want – Essay Example

The Obama Movement and Social Movements The election year 2008 carried in it an air of change. Besides the fact that it represented a majormilestone in the American history, where an African American or a Woman could have taken the crown, it also meant a hope that the mess created by the Bush Administration could be finally cleared up. It was therefore not surprising that people expected a lot, especially from Barrack Obama himself, since he represented the “Change” that everyone had been looking forward to.
One of the major changes that the Obama Administration sought to bring was the Health Reform, which thanks to the opposing point of views surrounding it almost took the form of the biggest social movement for the year 2009 (A game-changer by Obama himself 2008).
People left and right have been raving about what the bill would mean for the average American. The healthcare reforms simply means for almost 15.3% and 30 % uninsured and underinsured population respectively a chance to get the best healthcare that can be offered, plus added benefits for the increasing number of retires and seniors. Opposition to the bill has been on the grounds that it would simply be too much interfering by the government, and the burden it would put on the tax-payers (Activists entreat Obama to bring them change 2008).
What is worth observing, however, is that the American people are keenly interested in the changes that would be impacting their lives, so much so that it was turned into a huge movement so that their voices can be heard.
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