What Were Some Of The Basic Controversies In Christian Theology From The First Century To The Fifth – Essay Example

What were some of the basic controversies in Christian theology from the first century to the fifth century? The early Christianity is commonly referred to as the period between the between the Crucifixion of Jesus (c. 30) and the First Council of Nicaea. These controversies are usually referred to as Arianism and divided the Christian church during this period. The major controversy revolved around the relationship and identity of ‘God the father’ and ‘God the son’. The controversy was started by Arius first became controversial under the bishop Achillas of Alexandria. Alexander was initially slow to respond to this controversy but later a council of bishops was called and finally Arian was disbanded from Alexandria.
However the issue was not resolved here as in 358 AD, Constantius II asked that the matter will be reviewed and assembled two councils, the first one of western bishops at Ariminum and second one of eastern bishops at Nicomedia. Moreover the origins of the practice of baptism are also controversial. Some believed that it was practiced on infants by the apostolic church. They argued that Act of apostles included infant baptism. The Baptist however still believes that it was a much latter development.
Another controversial movement was referred to as Gnosticism. The followers of this school of thought although similar to Christians interpreted the New Testament in a way that raised questions about its true interpretation. This issue was resolved by the ideology introduced by the church which claimed traditionalism. This according to them was continuity and thus originality of ideas that ensured that they were genuine.