What Would You Say To Someone Who Thinks Education Doesn't Matter, Or That College Is A Waste Of – Essay Example

The Importance of Acquiring an Education If you want to have an edge and survive in this competitive world of job market, then you need to have an education.
The fact is that employers prefer job applicants with a high level of educational attainment than those who do not. The United States Census Bureau indicates that the average income of a person with a masteral degree accounts to $71,220 compared to only $26,277 earned by a person with a high school diploma. Acquiring a degree in college is the best way to secure a future because it provides many working opportunities, higher pay, and great benefits. A person holding a bachelors degree is paid an average starting salary of $29,098 to $55,987. Jobs that do not necessarily require for a college education usually have smaller salaries and fewer to no benefits which are crucial to financial security and living a life of stability.
With education one can indulge in many job opportunities, make more money, experience more success, builds more confidence in themselves, acquires more knowledge, and gain many other personal benefits compared to those who have not attend school. This makes education a great form of investment. With education, man gains knowledge and wisdom that can be found through books and other mediums that opens up the outside world for him (Goel).
Therefore, it is a mistake for someone to think that education doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money because it is the other way around.
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