Who You Think Is A Good Leader And Why – Essay Example

LEADERSHIP Few men have had the impact on history that the German Martin Luther had. He was a visionary leader. He was a great man who changed to course of millions of peoples faith. He took a stand based on principle and his beliefs and led many people into a new religion and new way of looking at the world. He was tired of what he considered the corruption and decadence of the Catholic church at the time and the political order that it represented. As a self-aware and charismatic man, he struck out, declaring he would no longer stand for it and thus launched the Reformation. This process shook Europe to its core and most likely led to the Enlightenment and the political and social culture we enjoy today. It split Europe down the middle and led to many wars. Even today, Europe is still divided between north and south largely based on a Protestant and Catholic split.
In two pages there is not enough room to discuss all of Luthers numerous achievements. Needless, to say he was a renaissance man and a leader of men. He knew what he believed and he was willing to stand up to the world in order to say it. At heart he was a democratic man who wanted to return the powers accumulated by the church to the people. He could not understand why the Bible was not translated in a common language which would allow ordinary people to read it. He felt priests had too much power and that part of the religious relationship should be more personally with God. He wanted to return religion to the people, taking it out of the hands of priests and politicians. He also could not understand why priests were not permitted to marry. He allowed this—one of the great innovations which has allowed the Protestant churches to avoid many of the problems that have plagued Catholicism since. He was truly a transformational leader.