Write An Essay On Any Situation Involving Your Experience Of Loss That Was Important To You- Such – Essay Example

Essay Certain losses in a person’s life are always unforgettable and though time passes and memories fade, but the importance and the memories of these important things are always with a person throughout his life. Tommy was my dog and since I had no siblings, I was very close to him. He was a part of our family and he was a friend in disguise because I could sit with him and talk to him and it was funny but I knew it for sure that my secrets would never go anywhere. But things change and nothing is eternal and these happy moments were to end and it all happened when Tommy was run over by a car. This was a sight that I will never be able to forget.
At breakfast I used to eat my cereal and Tommy used to eat his dog food. I used to get back from school and he used to sit quietly and wait for evenings when we could go out and play together. I still remember that when mom used to scold me, I used to run up to him and cry and I always thought that he understood. We shared a very strong bond.
One unfortunate day, I took Tommy out for a walk. I threw my ball and he ran to fetch it. But while he was running back to me, he was hit by a very speeding car. I ran up to him and started crying. My parents were nearby and they came. We did our best but we could not save him. Every particular thing in a person’s life is very important and Tommy held a very important position in my life. The loss was very difficult to overcome but still I remember him and have his picture in our room.