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Black Lives Matter The Black Panther Party sure drew a lot of attention to their march. People (mainly African Americans) wearing all black and carrying rifles went through the city (Black Panther Gun Group in Texas, 2015). This march made quite an impression on people. However, it is hardly positive. It is clear that the party supports the Second Amendment and promotes people’s right to carry guns. However, this march is rather a negative response to police brutality to African Americans. Clearly, people carrying guns reminded a small but quite a potent army that could cause a lot of trouble to a city. The party stressed that everyone had the right to carry guns to protect themselves. Nonetheless, dozens of armed people walking in an orderly manner can make people feel they do not need such a law. This march could only increase the tension in the society.
Admittedly, the party could choose another form of protest. A gathering in front of the Texas Capitol with posters and signs could also draw people attention. Some performances symbolizing police brutality as well as the dangers of living in the state without a gun. It could be beneficial to stress victimization of African Americans and brutality of police.
It is also important to stress that such marches are potentially dangerous and, hence, they cannot be an appropriate place for children. Something could go wrong and people could get hurt. Of course, children should not have participated in the march. Any word or action of a member of the party or a passer-by could lead to victims and no issue is worth children’s injury.
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