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College: The Negative Effects of Junk Food Junk food is popular all over the world. It is considered to be a major cause of obesity and people who consume it are at a higher risk of contracting diabetes. Research shows that junk food may also negatively affect memory (Tucker, 2012). It is the high levels of insulin resulting from junk food intake that causes this effect. The article outlines the health impact of junk food diets and especially focuses on the effects that such diets have on human memory.
Tucker (2012) mentions a research at Brown University in which it was shown that insulin restriction to the rat brain led to mental incapacitation and confusion. The author fails to provide any statistical data that may promote claims in the article. The relation between the effects of insulin deprivation on rats’ brains to human brains is not provided. Ideas presented in the article are conflicting. At first, the article explains how the results of brain exposure to significant amounts of insulin are destructive to memory in the brain. Later in the article, it is stated how people exposed to nasal insulin sprays were found to have improved memory and generally better mental health.
From subjective study of the article, it is safe to conclude that the author is expressing their own personal convictions and bias. The health concerns about junk food could be true, but the article would have benefited from inclusion of reliable sources and scientific data to back up the claims made by the author.
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