Written Response – Essay Example

Written Response President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s inaugural address on January 20, 1961, clearly demonstrates America’s international role to defend human rights and freedom, and focuses on its international supremacy, its domestic and foreign policy. Kennedy, all throughout the speech, emphasises on the nation’s commitment towards the preservation of human rights and liberty all around the world and he exhorts all Americans to face any sorts of hardships to assure ‘the survival and success of liberty’. He also asks the Americans to take a pledge to wipe away poverty and misery from the world and to offer assistance to the needy and the oppressed. President Kennedy thus believes that, being a supreme power in the world, America has a greater role to play in the global preservation of human rights and liberty; on the other hand, he also want his citizens to stand united to fight the common enemies of man: ‘tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself’.
Towards the latter part of his speech, the President brings to light the foreign policy of the nation. He provides an assurance to the neighbouring nations that the nation will stand ‘to oppose aggression or subversion anywhere in the Americas’. However, Kennedy is very much conscious of the need to maintain international peace and cooperation between America and other nations. While he offers loyalty to the nation’s allies, he requests its adversary nations ‘to begin anew the quest for peace’; he calls for the inspection and control of arms rather than amassing deadly weapons to cause destruction each other. Thus, he asks world nations to pursue the positive outcomes of the development of science and technology for the good of the whole mankind. Kennedy concludes his speech by exhorting all Americans to offer ‘testimony to its national loyalty’ and to think about what they can do for the development of the nation. To conclude, the whole inaugural speech reveals the potential role and supremacy of the United States in dictating terms on international issues.