You Need Know About Employment Screening – Essay Example

Get the Synopsis right - Know who you are hiring How often do we see a book that is packed in a beautiful transparent sheet but without any synopsison the back? We can see it has a great title and cover but don’t know what is inside. 90 out of 100 times we won’t buy such book, so how can we hire someone before actually knowing what the person will bring to the organization. What is his/her background, the work habits, or even the true qualifications. In today’s job market with unemployment rate on the highest, HR professionals and recruitment agencies need to be more careful than ever. They are bombard with resumes and cover letter filled with fancy but false information. Employee screening has become important than ever tool to use before getting anyone at any position within an organization. Organizations are at stake of hiring people who have produced false qualifications, job experience and skills on paper. Once hired; it becomes complicated and expensive to let the wrong person go and start the hiring process again. However this whole scenario can be avoided by eliminating the wrong candidates’ right at the very beginning.
In the next part of article few best practices will be presented; these best practices are carried out by organizations for employment screening purpose. By implementing these organizations are not only hiring the right people but also cutting costs and complexity from the hiring process.
Documented Employement Screening:
It is very important to create a policy in the organization for employment screening process. It’s not a process that can just be carried out during hiring without proper procedures being defined in company’s policy. By defining such policies it will be straightforward for organizations to make it known to candidates before hiring. These policies can be advertised with the job advertisement so people who apply for the jobs are already aware of it. It may eliminate many candidates who are thinking about deceiving or miss presenting themselves. These policies and procedures can also be made known to shortlisted candidates in their interview packs.
IT to Implement Procedures
Major organizations are using IT as a tool to decrease costs and do efficient hiring. The costs are decreased by abolish the traditional recruit to hire process. Jobs are now advertised online rather than expensive newspapers, candidates are shortlisted and informed through emails. In some cases initial information is also taken online to make sure that right candidates are shortlisted. Personality tests are being implemented to eradicate the wrong person from being shortlisted. HR softwares are used to run a background check on candidates. They are short listing candidates that match organization culture and work environment. Non-matching candidates are cut-off from hiring process at the very start to save time and money. ; All of these services are helping organizations to gain competitive advantage.
Social networks screening
A very recent tool that is used by organizations is screening social network website to know their candidates and employees-to-be. Social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, and second life provide a lot of informal information about people. This sort of information is hard to acquire through application and interview process. Although it’s permissible to know all information about the candidate that’s available publically, it is still vague in terms of its legality. So it is wise to take legal advice before acquiring such information and it is recommended not to solely rely on this information before making a hiring decision.
It is safe to say that this article provides a brief summary of the best practices that are used by organizations to know their employees before hiring them. It is very important to use such tools in the environment such as todays. Not only an organization can hire the right people at the first place but can also reduce costs of recruiting to hiring process. It is highly recommended to use the above tools to make your organization safer and more efficient.