Respond About The Movie Building Germany's Holocaust Memorial By Peter Eisenman – Movie Review Example

Building Germanys Holocaust Memorial” by Peter Eisenman – Movie Review This movie represents Peter Eisenman’s creation of a sculpture in Berlin, Germany. The movie provides a feel of the past in a very magical way. This sculpture is a soccer-sized space with around 2711 concrete steel which are of different sizes, heights and look like a wheat field which is moving with strong winds. It is a 58 minute video which explains quite a great deal about the sculpture and makes us understand what Peter Eisenman has in his mind. I believe that Peter Eisenman was able to brilliantly execute what he wanted to show everyone even though there was quite a good amount of criticism when he was making the movie. I think that the mission of the memorial is to bring forward the hardships faced by the victims as well as to recognize their efforts and achievements which they did.
Also it honors the crimes which were committed during the times of Hitler and the planning of the genocide of Nazis, which will remain as a lesson for the coming eras. Memorial was important as it gave the people something to derive from and then make them understand where Germany was heading towards. I believe the movie has done justice because it has showcased the exact basis of this Holocaust Memorial and pinpointed the philosophy of government machinery. I liked the movie because it related to the German struggle and how building the Holocaust Memorial portrayed the true feelings of the Germans as well as the government of the time.