Aviation Experience – Personal Statement Example

Essay Aviation Experience Before considering a career with aviation, I had gotten into a primary task of learning how to set acomplete focus, facilitating my attention at delicate work as well as conquering my fear of heights in various ways possible.
In my recent introductory lessons where I had sought a rather adventure-filled experience which truly was, knowing I’d be launched with full guide, I found out there’s a lot more to flying on air in space above. It started with a virtual simulation in which each trainee receives brief but compact instructions on the essentials of handling a flight that particularly included discussion of general parts of a plane, mechanics of the required practical maneuvers during take off, steering and turning, and some emergency and safety measures deemed necessary for every pilot to be equipped with besides flight skills.
Though it was not the first air travel, I could readily distinguish what makes a pilot, one whose accountability for running the engine has everyone else’s security rest on. It had been such a humbling experience especially as I observed how minute details bear importance and taken into account by the pilot instructor in charge of assisting me take control of the operation.
When I also had the privilege of visiting an airport control tower with a previous course assignment, I further realized the degree of responsibility attached with the controllers and personnel designated to perform the chief duty of keeping pertinent interactions going with the pilots, to maintain safe landing and distance between planes both on ground and in air, and let pilots discern of any significant weather adjustments (Dontigney). Managing traffic outside of the aircraft, to ensure secure travel with visual tools and radar systems, is as critical as being an aviator. It instantly felt like there needs to be tremendous modifications in my level of maturity and attitude toward aviation and my lifetime consideration of this field.
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