Business And ICT – Personal Statement Example

28th September, Personal ment: I have cherished the hope of pursuing a career in Business and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) since a very long time. I have rarely ever been more thrilled by anything than one day being able to explore the concealed intricacies of the world of Business and Technology. I have always craved to get acquainted with this world and my profound and relentless concern related to this matter nurtured in me the eagerness to take admission in this field since here my heart and my interest have always lied. I have a craze for going far ahead in order to perceive my dreams and getting acknowledged with the emerging issues of this field. Already, I have imbibed an impressive amount of knowledge related to this matter through reading various business journals and magazines, which has become more of a habit by now.
To introduce me, I am studying Business and ICT in a well-reputed university. I have also won awards in badminton and dancing. I am well-acquainted with English and Gujrati languages, not to mention the sound knowledge I have about Microsoft and Visual basic studio. Moreover, I successfully passed my exam in Cisco securing 90.3% marks. I have completed my first year in which I studied Networking and Business Programming and currently, I am in second year studying BND ICT Programming. The passion I have for Business and ICT has always been too conspicuous to make me select this field as future career. ICT has improved the learning style of students, which is why I want to explore more about it. This is also the reason why I want to apply for the third year that will start in September 2011.