I am a dedicated, highly motivated, diligent, driven who consistently strives for the best outcomes in life, work, and school. This is one ofthe many reasons I have decided to apply to the marketing program at the University of Liverpool. I know this is one of the top schools in the U.K. and I also know that I will work hard to be one of your top students. I am devoted to my studies and the steps that I have to take to obtain a future in marketing. I work very well in team situations and have always developed a good rapport with peers, co-workers, professors and employers. While I highly enjoy teamwork I also have the motivation and knowledge to work efficiently and independently on major projects. I work extremely well under pressure and have always been able to put my best forward and receive top results.
I discovered my love of the field of marketing very early on in my life. I was fascinated by the way the system worked. I knew this was a field I would be able to give my all and really believe in what I was doing. I was ready for the daily challenges I would encounter in this field and I was ready to be an official part of a world that already surrounded me. I set my heart on becoming a marketer during my early teenage years and I haven’t looked back since. I’m willing to work my very hardest and put forth the highest amount of effort possible to achieve my goals as a marketer. But I need a PhD.

I have accomplished a lot in this field already. I conducted market analysis for Konarka Technologies and provided recommendations as part of school project. I also instituted offensive and defensive marketing strategy for a client that aided the company to acquire and retained 500 new customers. Additionally, I am a member of the American Marketing Association.
Thank you for your consideration,
Sincerely _________________