Is It Possible For People Of Two Different Cultures To Coexist Peacefully On The Same Land Explain – Personal Statement Example

Is it possible for people of two different cultures to coexist peacefully on the same land? Imagining a situation in which one has to live with another person from entirely different culture is understandably hard to implement. That is because even in this modern age, most of the people still show a stubborn and resolute attitude when it comes to a little modification in their cultures. Culture is highly regarded even today, since it encompasses almost all the basic norms and values one is adhered to all one’s life. The display of conservative and orthodox behavior can surely prove to be the major obstacle for two people who intend to live together without creating scenes or letting rough clashes, resulting from the appalling mixture between two different cultures, ruin the coexistence.
Other than that, if people mutually agree to modify some of the ideas they draw from their cultures, most of the conflicts and nasty arguments can be resolved forever. I, personally, strongly feel that mutual co-operation and genuine understanding prove to be the bedrock of any good relationship, be it a relationship in employment settings or in domestic settings. In fact, the relationship where two people have to virtually live with each other, a lot more empathic understanding is needed to cope with various sensitive and stressing situations.
According to O’Neil (2006), though culture is a powerful human tool for survival and largely makes up for the learned behavioral patterns of an individual, it is still changeable since it is not eternal but man-made. Summing up, I would like to say that healthy and honest co-operation, absolutely devoid of unjustified biases and revulsions, is essential for building up rapport even between people from different cultures.
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