Is Terrorism Ever Morally Justified Be Sure To Reference The Arguments In Your Readings On The – Personal Statement Example

Is terrorism ever morally justified? Terrorism is a broad set of actions conducted by individuals to lower down the morale of a whole It is related to a violent set of actions to scare off individuals who are being targeted. Terrorism has its root in reasoning; depending on who is killed and what is the main reason. People argue that killing an individual who has a bad character through terrorism may be morally justifiable whereas killing innocent civilians through these means would be a despicable act. Some argue that terrorism cannot be morally justified because in some way or the other it is related to the killing of individuals who have become a target of the terrorists. The roots of terrorism lie in the killing of innocent or guilty individuals but whatever the case is terrorism cannot be termed a morally justifiable act. The act of terrorism is used to create fear and havoc amongst the individuals who are targeted and this may in some way also affect the innocent individuals living in the society. Anything which revolves around the killings of individuals cannot be justified as a moral act according to the ethics of the society. Terrorism is associated with massacres in the society and even if guilty ones are being killed through these massacres then this is wrong. Terrorism does not take into account the deeds of the bad and good ones but rather it kills people in a generalized manner. Hence terrorism can never be morally justified if all these factors are kept in mind.
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